About Bonnie Emmerich

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The creation of Hampton Pet Chef came from my love for animals. Having companion animals is an extension of family. I think the best thing you can do to show your love, and keep them in your life for as long as possible, is to keep their diet fresh and healthy. That is my goal.

I have worked in the hospitality and food business for most of my life. I have cooked professionally. I have always delighted in people's enjoyment of my food. I want to do the same for you special pet.

Our meals are all made fresh to order with your pet in mind. I have worked hard to create delicious, healthy well balanced meals to keep your special friend happy and healthy.

Our food has all been veterinarian approved. The food at Hampton Pet Chef is all cooked in a happy, clean kitchen, and not in a factory, with love and care.

Our pets are members of our family and deserve fresh high quality food like our own.

The proteins we use are always hormone and antibiotic free. Protein is always the first ingredient. I use home made stocks that never contain salt, onions or garlic. We use as much local produce as possible for essential vitamins and minerals. We use only brown rice, sweet potato and oats as carbohydrate. I measure the amount of calcium and omega 3 oils for your dog or cat, according to size and age.

The food at Hampton Pet Chef is fresh to order so the recipes and ingredients can be changed or altered for any special needs.

  Phone: 1-516-606-6601    Email:  hamptonpetchef@gmail.com